Neither Coranavirus nor Capitalist Barbarism is a Destiny!

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To all Workers, Laborers, Poor, Oppressed and Revolutionaries around the World…!

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic/crisis has provided the capitalist class with a long-awaited opportunity that they have not hesitated to exploit. It is clear that the global bourgeoisie and its capitalist states have not run behind taking actions against the coronavirus epidemic: they have deliberately waited for the disease to spread to a certain extent so that they would be able to go through the state of emergency without any significant objection, providing a basis for practicing policies in line with their class interests around the world.

The capitalist indifference to the spread of the disease represents an indicator for their intention to exploit the social and political concequences of the globalizing pandemic.

The risks of hunger and death in the midst of a pandemic are coupled with measures of state of emergency, exacerbating the conditions of quarantine on the part of the labouring masses.

The coronavirus pandemic mostly hits the elderly over 60 years old and those with chronic illness. Obviously, the capitalist classes perceive these societal groups as a burden for the system. Under the neoliberal conditions of privatized healthcare,  the pandemic provides the capitalist class with a biopolitical weapon for the elimination of the non-productive segments of the society.

Millions of people dispossessed of basic conditions of living and shelter… Labouring masses living on street economies and casual jobs without any social safety nets… Women labourers working under precarious conditions of cleaning and care work that lies at the center of everyday reproduction of social labour power… And many other sectors of the dispossessed masses have been subjected to a fundamental dilemma between a fatal pandemic and hunger under the conditions of the quarantine measures of the capitalist states across the world.

The workplaces of millions of precarious workers in service sector have been closed for an indefinite period of time. Labourers in these sectors have been either fired or forced to insulate themselves in their homes with unpaid leave with no guarantee for their return to work. global bourgeoisie and its capitalist states have thereby demonstrated overtly that c they would not hesitate to subject the poor, precarious and vulnerable sectors of the working classes to starvation and to deadly mercy of the pandemic.

Although capitalism has gone through a temporary contraction in the service sector, it continues to produce commodities without interruption. Bakery workers, cleaning workers collecting garbage and waste, energy and infrastructure workers, transport and transportation workers, agricultural workers, and workers in workshops and factories are obliged to work without any protective measures against coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, the quarantine practice, which is highlighted at every opportunity with the warnings that self-isolation at home will save lives, serves to hide the danger that workers are currently exposed. It is so obvious that when workers return to their homes at the end of the working day, the quarantine practiced at their homes will actually be wasted as they had worked in close contact with each other in the production spaces, and used common dining halls, toilets, locker rooms, showers, sinks, workplace’s service vehicles and public transportation vehicles.

This shows that the measures taken by the global bourgeoisie and its capitalist states for the sake of public health are neither preventive nor protective, but a mere lip service. Workers who object to work with these alleged measures are forced to work with threat of dismissal. In case the pandemic cannot be prevented and has become widespread, it is certain that the capitalists will drive those workers who do not want to work under these unhealthy conditions to the production areas by using state coercion.

In these days of pandemic, the condition is even worse for those people who have escaped from war and conflict zones and unbearable poverty in their country, plundered by imperialists, in order to reach the safe and prosperous West, who have become immigrants in order to lead a bearable life, who have lost tens of thousands of relatives in the mountains, in the nooks and in the seas. The immigrant workers of the poor world have been exploited brutally as they have been forced to work precariously and almost twice a day in the heaviest and dirtiest jobs in those relatively prosperous countries they have already arrived. Also they have been continuously exposed to insults, racist violence, murders and rapes. Through the practices of the capitalist states that take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, they are now treated as lepers of modern times in concentration camps, and behind the walls and barbed wires erected along borders. In such a condition, immigrant workers have been discarded, treated as the invisible to the invisible, and doomed to pitch darkness and desolation as much as the dark face of the moon.

Many of the capitalist states, by associating it with the coronavirus pandemic, have already released or are preparing to release many detainees and convicts who do not pose a threat to the capitalist order from prison, excluding Revolutionary Captives[1]. The Revolutionary Captives are held captive because they oppose the bourgeoisie, its states, its despotism, the wheel of exploitation, inequality, and because they do not bow, take an attitude for the benefit of the working class and the oppressed. In these days of pandemic, by continuing to hold the Revolutionary Captives in prisons, capitalist states have publicly declared that they understand the issue as a class war and take a proper attitude towards it. Capitalist states, which are unable to carry out an explicit extermination policy in prisons at normal times, by using the pandemic as an opportunity, pursue the politics of killing in the confusion for the revolutionary captives that they wanted to get rid of during such a natural death rush.

Since the logic of capital operates to pursue its own class interests, no matter how it manages the coronavirus pandemic today, the outcome of its policies will turn into the cause of its next crisis. Considering the conjuncture and organizational context we are in, the proletariat, which accept the capitalist practices without reacting sufficiently and insulate themselves at home at the first moment, will not be able to maintain its silence for a very long time in the face of the danger of death from hunger and pandemic, and it will surely find various ways, methods and tools to break the blockade imposed on it.

It is the duty and responsibility of the revolutionary forces[2] to solve the problems of developing the ways, methods and tools possible to occur spontaneously in various segments of the proletariat in order to be adopted by the whole class and unifying the class by demolishing the insulating walls formed between different parts of the class.

What we are witnessing under the conditions of isolation and quarantine is not a snece from from the movie “The Hunger Games”. It is an urgent necessity for the revolutionary forces to organize solidarity in the form of “Hunger Assemblies”.

Either death through starvation and illness or communism!

March 25, 2020

The Mole Collective (Köstebek Kolektif)

[1] What we mean by “Revolutionary Captives” are Communist, Socialist, Revolutionary Democrat, Patriotic and Anarchist political prisoners.

[2] What we mean by “revolutionary forces” are all Communist, Socialist, Revolutionary Democrat, Patriotic, Anarchist political elements.

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